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Brooke Lackey and Audrey Curran, co-owners of The Sand Barre (and sisters!)

We can’t help but be inspired by Brooke Lackey and Audrey Curran, two sisters-turned-business-partners who, in 2016, took a “crazy leap of faith” and started The Sand Barre. The boutique-style fitness studio offers Buti Yoga and several barre-style class formats, including Classic Barre, Advanced, Bootcamp, Tabata and Fire, all of which incorporate varying levels of strengthening, stretching and cardio. At the core of it all is a tight-knit community of women who find balance in physical fitness, healthy living and embracing the beauty of their everyday lives.

Here, they share what inspired them to start The Sand Barre, what they love most about Naples and a few fitness items they can’t live without.

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sand barre, barre, naples, fitness, studio, workout, health

What inspired you to open The Sand Barre? Why Naples?

BROOKE: My in-laws are snowbirds, so we would visit them down here often. I was frustrated when I came to visit because there wasn’t a neutral spine barre studio in the area. Once we realized the need, my husband and I started praying about it and began to cautiously move forward with the crazy plans. Of course, I wouldn’t move 15 hours away from my sister, so she had to be part of the deal! It’s been a crazy but fun whirlwind experience. We have fallen in love with our “flock” of ladies and the community that has grown at The Sand Barre.
AUDREY: My sister made me do it. Hahaha! But really, though, my sister wanted to open a barre studio, but we were living in Franklin, Tennessee, at the time, where there are barre studios on every corner. Then my husband was recruited to work for a company in Naples … One thing led to another, and the rest is history.

Favorite thing about barre workouts?

B: I was a runner and P90X junkie before taking my first barre class. I joined a testimonial group for the creator of our method, Suzanne Bowen, and Jake Steinfeld (of Body by Jake fame). I did only the barre classes three to four times per week and ate a clean diet. In 12 weeks, I had lost 17 pounds and 20-something inches. I also shaved three minutes off my 5K pace in that 12-week period. I have now found a fitness method that is that effective in 55 minutes. It strengthens, it tones, and it gave me flexibility I never had before. As a busy mom of two, I couldn’t ever go back to the high-impact and time-consuming methods I did before.
A: I’ve been a gym rat most of my life. Never had I seen changes to my body as quickly and effectively as I did when I started doing barre. Barre gives my body definition and long, lean muscles without any of the bulk, which I prefer for my body type.

What’s the best piece of advice you can offer to other young entrepreneurs?

B: Get advice from other seasoned entrepreneurs and be patient as you grow. Reinvesting your money back into your business is hard to do the first few years, but hang in there. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work pay off. Our success has come in the form of a community of amazing women with genuine friendships and bonds that have formed inside The Sand Barre. It blows me away every day. Our goal was to love on the women of Naples and to provide them a place to strengthen their bodies, relax their minds and take the time for themselves they so deserve. I can truly say we have reached our goal.
A: “A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” Just do it—one step at a time. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

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Favorite way or place to relax and unwind in Southwest Florida?

B: The beach! We love to fish and explore the local beaches. In Naples, all you have to do is step out your door, and you can feel like you’re on vacation. I just love it here.
A: Honestly, the studio is my number one place to go to and feel peace. It’s such a feel good, happy place. Next would have to be Gumbo Limbo at The Ritz. I always pinch myself when I’m there … can’t believe I live just down the street from such a beautiful place!

Favorite activewear brand?

B: I’m currently obsessed with Elisabetta Rogiani Butter pants and shorts (for our Buti Yoga classes). I could live in them. Plus, Elisabetta is an amazing, kind person, and we love to support other female business owners. The Sand Barre is the only location in Naples that sells Rogiani, and the whole line is made in the USA, which we love.
A: Elisabetta Rogiani—specifically her Butter leggings. To die for. Actually, to live in every single day.

What item can’t you live without?

B: My Costa South Point sunglasses!
A: My Havaiana flip flops.

sand barre, barre, naples, fitness, studio, workout, health

Next stamp in your passport?

B: We have a Caribbean cruise, a hop back to Nashville and maybe some fishing in the Keys on our 2018 itinerary, but no passport stamps. My husband and I are hoping to bring our daughters to Italy next year—our passports are ready!
A: Well, I really don’t get out much (sad to say!), but anywhere in Italy … or Fiji!

Where can we find you in Naples when you’re off the clock (besides The Sand Barre)?

B: Hanging out with my daughters (nine and 11 years old) and husband. If you’re looking for us, check Seagate Beach or Naples Pier at sunset.
A: Home … or carpooling kids around. But home is definitely my favorite place to be.


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