It’s impossible not to feel cheery when sitting down to brunch at Jane’s Café on 3rd. The cozy little courtyard is tucked away off of Third Street South, surrounded by pink walls and nestled under pink umbrellas with a flower-swathed fountain inhabited by a stone turtle. (Can it get more picturesque? Don’t think so.)

Big Girl Mimosa

Naturally, we started with drinks. It’s practically a rite of passage when you’re in Naples to get a Big Girl Mimosa at Jane’s. (And subsequently Instagram it.) It comes in a regular-sized wine glass with no shortage of champs. You can opt for traditional orange juice or jazz it up with the Strawberry Orange variety—either way, you can’t go wrong. There are plenty of other drink options beyond the standard brunch fare; Jesse chose the Cucumber Mint Mojito, which was as light and refreshing as it looks.

Cucumber Mint Mojito

Next up: the food. Jane’s has a sizable menu with all-day breakfast and lunch options, plenty of which are vegetarian-friendly (a perk for me). You could probably come here every week for a year and try something different each time.

Watermelon Salad

We started with salads. I went with the Watermelon Salad (baby arugula, cucumber, thinly sliced red onion, mint feta cheese and citrus vinaigrette), and Jesse—ever the fan of beets—ordered the Roasted Beets Salad (goat cheese, pistachios, baby arugula, mandarin oranges, Granny Smith apples and raspberry vinaigrette). We both immediately commented on the delicious dressings, which are housemade, and the freshness of the veggies, which, we learned from Emma, Jane’s super knowledgeable and bubbly daughter, are locally sourced.

Roasted Beet Salad

We really couldn’t decide on just one entrée. So we went with Jane’s Vegetarian Eggs Benedict (sautéed spinach, tomato and avocado), the raspberry vanilla stuffed French toast (they offer different varieties each weekend) …

Jane’s Vegetarian Eggs Benedict

… aaaand the Mario’s Vegetarian Tacos and Chicken Tacos, which came with a side Caesar and a house salad with chipotle aioli drizzle. We were far from hungry at that point, but we couldn’t help ourselves from digging in. (#NotEatingforaWeek.)

Mario’s Vegetarian Tacos (top) and Chicken Tacos

We’re not kidding when we say Jane’s is our go-to Naples outdoor brunch spot. It’s an excellent choice to take out-of-town guests for the Naples experience in a nutshell (followed by a stroll down Third Street and a visit to the iconic Naples Pier just a few blocks away). It’s equally appropriate for us locals when we want to be reminded just what we love about Naples—the picture-perfect atmosphere, ideal outdoor dining and excellent, family-owned service.

We loved chatting with Emma and getting her personal recommendations (several of the menu items are named for her and her siblings), and we were thrilled to meet Jane, as well, who stopped by during our visit. She’s owned several restaurants and lived all over the world, an influence which shows in her uncomplicated but well-curated menu selections.

Jane and Jennifer

 Jane’s Café on 3rd
1209 Third St. S., Naples | 239-261-2253
Open daily, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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Thanks to Jane, Emma and the rest of the team at Jane’s Café on 3rd for inviting us!


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  1. Oh my Goodness you look so cute!!! We loved Jane’s when we visited for NewYears weekend. I can’t wait to come back and try that roasted beet salad.

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