Lifestyle: 5 Things to Try in July

1  Key lime pie ice cream sandwiches
July is National Ice Cream Month, and we’ll be celebrating by whipping up these adorable Key lime pie ice cream sandwiches. They’re the epitome of summer, Florida and delicious, all in one. (Editor’s note: The TNN version may include a final dark chocolate dip a la Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe in Key West—one of our favorite summertime guilty pleasures.)

2  Sworkit app
Fitting in time for a workout can be challenging with a full schedule. Enter the Sworkit app: Choose how long you want to work out (from five minutes to an hour) and what you want to focus on (strength? Cardio? Yoga?), and it creates a personalized workout for you, complete with video instruction and audio cues. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. A free one.

Lifestyle: 5 Things to Try in July

 Bullet journaling
As the world becomes increasingly more digital, there’s something satisfying about putting pen to old-fashioned paper. It’s a minimalistic analog system that helps keep your life—in all its facets—organized. Best of all, all you need is a pen and a notebook. This quick video shows how to set up a basic format, and from there, you can customize to make it work best for you.

4  $115 spa treatments at Naples Grande
One of the perks of being a year-round Neapolitan? The great deals you can get during the summer (especially on dining—check out our list of local restaurant deals here). The Naples Grande Spa is offering a slew of delectable treatments for just $115 plus service charge. On the menu: a 50-minute Swedish massage, 50-minute signature organic facial, 50-minute signature firming C facial, 50-minute sugar glow scrub and a 75-minute classic manicure and pedicure. Book online or by calling (844) 533-1363.

5  Escape room games
Fun fact: I’m addicted to the board game Clue. (Another fun fact: I made a group of friends dress up as Clue characters for Halloween a couple years ago. Figuring out how to carry around “weapons” all night without getting arrested was tricky.) I’m borderline giddy over trying Xtreme Escape, aka real-life Clue, a game that puts you in a room filled with clues and gives you 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape. Such a fun idea for a date night or a group! (There’s also one in Fort Myers.)

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