The Continental is one of our favorite spots downtown, whether it’s for a date night, a quick business lunch or meeting friends for happy hour. Their artfully executed craft cocktails are always on point, and this summer, a few Continental mixologists have concocted their own refreshing libations that you’re going to want to try (and then try again). Here, bar manager Barry Larkin shares the details and inspiration behind each of them.

Dining: New Cocktails to Try at The Continental
   My Blueberry Buck (blueberry/sage-infused Banyan Reserve vodka, Fever Tree ginger beer, lime)

“A vodka buck is synonymous with the Moscow mule, a drink made with vodka, ginger beer and lime in a copper mug. I decided to infuse Banyan Reserve vodka with blueberries and sage for several days and make a Moscow mule with it. I called it My Blueberry Buck because I see a lot of mules out there and wanted to separate my drink and its name from all the others.”

   Chapter VIII Volume I (Bloom gin, lavender/citrus-infused Cocchi Americano Bianco, Banyan Reserve vodka, orange bitters)

“This drink was created by Zach Martin and inspired by James Bond’s original cocktail, the Vesper. Bond’s drink did not have a name until he met a young lady named Vesper Lynd. This meeting took place in the first volume of the James Bond series, Casino Royale, in Chapter VIII. We use Banyan Reserve vodka and Bloom gin and have replaced Kina Lillet, which no longer exists, with our citrus and lavender tea-infused cocchi Americana bianco. (Cocchi is the spirit many believe to be the closest to Kina Lillet.) We add a touch of orange bitters and express a little lemon into the finished cocktail and serve it over a ball of ice with a flower frozen in the middle.”

Dining: New Cocktails to Try at The Continental

Dining: New Cocktails to Try at The Continental
   Nada Colada (coconut-infused Ron Matusalem Platino rum, pineapple/vanilla bean shrub)

“Steve Wilcoxson created this drink to appeal to those requesting a piña colada. It’s a unique craft version of the beachy frozen drink. The two ingredients we use are a house-infused coconut rum and a pineapple/vanilla bean shrub. We describe this drink as a spirit-forward version of the piña colada, without the creamy frozen element. We serve this drink straight up with a toasted coconut-rimmed glass.”

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