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Travel: How to Plan Your Best Summer Trip Ever

Hello again! 2016 is already in full swing, and planning ahead is always a good idea when talking about travel. Now that it’s the beginning of February, summer vacations are right around the corner. Thoughts of summer ignite different ideas for different people: where to take the kids, where to escape for a weekend away with friends or perhaps where to reconnect on a romantic getaway. The most common question I get: How do I pick the right spot?

Focusing on what you want to get out of the trip is always a good start. Here, I’ve outlined four travel categories—kid-friendly, romance, relaxation and being active—as well as a few planning essentials for each category to ensure this summer trip is your best yet:


It’s always a good idea to check on a few things about the resort before picking the perfect kid-friendly destination.

  • Youth programs: Know the ages of youth programs available, and make sure they match up to the ages of children traveling. Some resorts also operate programs seasonally—check into this before booking.
  • Family-oriented activities: Ensure your family can make memories together—see what the hotel offers for everyone to participate in.
  • Pack light: Many resorts offer delivery of diapers, food, toys and more to hotel rooms. This is a good way to make your life easier and lighten your load.

Resorts I love: Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa (Hawaii) | Four Seasons Orlando (Florida) | Grace Bay Club (Turks & Caicos)

Travel: How to Plan Your Best Summer Trip Ever
Four Seasons Orlando


Not all resorts provide the perfect setting for romance. With a few key ingredients, though, you’ll be sure to find your ideal spot.

  • Outstanding spa: Hopefully you both like the spa, because a couples’ massage is a great way to reconnect. If not, indulge yourself, and get your mind in the mood.
  • Scenic views: Nothing sparks romance like a stunning sunset with a glass of champagne. Either from bed or from the terrace of a fabulous lunch, views do matter.
  • Great location: An ideal location so you can get off property to dine, shop or leisurely explore. Or, instead, staying on property can be just as rewarding.

Resorts I love: Monteverdi (Italy) | Calistoga Ranch (California) | The Cape (Los Cabos, Mexico)



A truly relaxing getaway requires stress-free peace of mind, including:

  • Ease of travel: Nothing is more damaging to your zen than delays or road bumps. Plan ahead to get nonstop flights, including overnight stays where appropriate, and be prepared for the unexpected. Going far is still an OK choice—you just have to be prepared.
  • Comfort of country: Being at ease with the currency, language and location is key. If needed, do some research and become oriented with where you are going. Keeping surprises to a minimum is key.
  • Choices: Choose a place where you’ll have the option to do activities on property or allow yourself to just relax and chill.

Resorts I love: Eau Palm Beach (Florida) | Song Saa (Cambodia) | Nizuc Cancun (Mexico)

Travel: How to Plan Your Best Summer Trip Ever


Being Active
Selecting a resort that fosters the desire to stay active while on vacation seems like an oxymoron to some, but there are a lot of travelers who want to keep things interesting!

  • Planned activities: Many travelers don’t want to have to think. Staying at a resort that already has a schedule makes life easy. All you have to do is show up and enjoy, whether that’s a safari drive, floating meditation or a fencing class.
  • State of mind: Invoking passion to be in each moment is beyond what most of us are capable of, considering all of life’s distractions and noise. Staying at a place that does this inherently is special and truly unique.
  • Inspiration: Being inspired while on vacation is an amazing way to bring home what you’ve experienced while away. Whether it’s by a local person you meet or a feeling of place you fall in love with, this kind of memory lasts a lifetime.

Resorts I love: Camp Savuti (Botswana) | Miraval (Arizona) | Body Holiday (St. Lucia)

Travel: How to Plan Your Best Summer Trip Ever
Camp Savuti


Using parameters and guidelines based on your travel wishes is always a good idea. Is it scientific? No! Does it help? More than you realize. As a trusted travel advisor, making sure my clients maximize their time invested for travel and money spent is one of my biggest priorities. I always ask a lot of questions and make sure I have a very good idea of what is desired before I jump to any sort of conclusions about what to recommend. Sometimes it’s easier than others to find the perfect fit, but it’s always worth it! Travel is rich, rewarding and where we make most of our lifetime memories.

Summer travel can be stressful! Later this month, I’ll be sharing my tips to make your travel this summer the best it can be. Until then…


Julia Fisher is a Naples native and a local travel advisor. She is part of the Virtuoso travel consortia, which provides exclusive amenities to clients. You can email her at

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