Dining: Whole Foods $8 Bar Specials

The holiday rush is upon us, leaving little to no time (or desire) to cook. Restaurant waits are hopeless, too, unless you’ve had a reservation for months. What’s a guy or gal to do?

More than just the best grocery store ever (a bit biased? Maybe), Whole Foods is your new best friend. Apart from its self-serve Hot Bar—everyone knows about that—is the lesser-known regular bar, which offers some of the best comfort-food-and-drink deals in Naples every week.

Monday: Draft Beer and Cheeseburger Night
Thursday: Draft Beer and Personal Pizza Night
Sunday: Draft Beer and 8 Wings Night

Each is just $8. Plus, if your drink tastes run a bit fancier, you can also choose your own beer from the case in store and bring it right over to the bar—making it perfect for those no-way-am-I-cooking evenings or even casual date nights.

Whole Foods
9101 Strada Place, Naples (Mercato) | 239-552-5100

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