The New Naples: Three60 Wine Program
courtesy of Three60 Market

We love a good deal. Wine, too. And good deals on wine? Well, we really love that.

Let’s back up a bit. Though it’s located a bit outside the typical four corners of Naples, Three60 Market, located on Bayview Drive near Naples Botanical Garden, is worth the trek for a few reasons. This cute little spot serves breakfast and lunch in the restaurant and to-go meals, pastries, pasta and snacks in the market. There’s a shaded waterfront patio for dining (dog friendly—yay!), and many menu items are made from scratch daily.

{courtesy of Three60 Market}
courtesy of Three60 Market

But perhaps the coolest thing about Three60 is their wine program. The concept is simple: The price of the bottle is the restaurant’s cost plus $3.60. Choose from their in-store selection, or, if you don’t find your favorite in stock, let them order it for you—you’ll still pay just $3.60 over cost. Check out their top 10 wines and pricing online, or email your wish list to for a quote.

Either way, you get your favorite wines for the lowest price in town and support a local business while doing so. Cheers!

{courtesy of Three60 Market}
courtesy of Three60 Market



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  1. Everything at the Three60 Market is definitely not made from scratch. I was there last Sunday and I was going to have one of their “home made” soups. Thankfully I witnessed an employee ladling out some of the Italian Wedding soup from the pot. It looked exactly like the Italian Wedding soup that I see at grocery stores. I asked her if it was homemade and she admitted that no, it was not, it was simply reheated in the kettle there. In addition, their “sandwich special of the day” was a roast beef sandwich which made my husband ill. The roast beef was simply Boars Head sliced roast beef which had been re-heated, which resulted in the roast beef tasting somewhat rancid. I was also slightly uncomfortable with how much drinking was emphasized at the restaurant. We were there on a Sunday around 1:00 in the afternoon. Within two minutes of entering Rebecca (the owner) was encouraging us to have a Mimosa or a glass of champagne. We declined, and when we sat down our server again encouraged us to go to the wine bar and get a glass of champagne or a Mimosa. After that an employee came up to our server as she was leaving our table and talked about a new sake that tasted like wine and encouraging the server to come try it. It’s a cute place, but after the experience that we had there, and the strong emphasis on drinking (in the middle of the day) I don’t think that we will be going back anytime soon.

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