It’s The New Naples’ first birthday, and we’re ready to celebrate! That means bubbly is all but necessary, so we’ve made it our mission to track down Naples’ best champagne cocktails. Of course, we’re sharing with you, because what’s a birthday without some friends to toast with?

French 75 at BrickTop’s
It’s a simple recipe—champagne, gin, sugar and a little splash of lemon—but it packs a punch, despite its dainty presentation. (After all, it was named after the fast-firing French 75 mm field gun commonly used in World War I.) Not surprisingly given his affinity for cocktails, it was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s. BrickTop’s makes theirs just as they do at Bar Hemingway in Paris—that is, bubbly, refreshing and strong.

Wanna Shake Your Tree at The Continental
“I’m not usually a cocktail person,” I told our waiter the first time we visited The Continental. “I tend to stick to champagne.” (Does that sound snobby? Maybe, but I just hate anything super sweet.) It wasn’t terribly difficult for him to convince me to try the Wanna Shake Your Tree cocktail, which combines Winter Park Distillery Genius vodka, sparkling wine, peach and basil. Basically a bellini but better, thanks to the herb-iness of the basil.

Antioxidant Intoxicant at The Bay House
One of the reasons I love champagne cocktails? You can drink them at pretty much any time of the day, and it’s totally OK! When at brunch at The Bay House, the Antioxidant Intoxicant is a must-have—it’s sparkling wine with pomegranate and blueberry juices. Plus, with a name like that, it’s gotta be as good for you as a green juice, right?

V2+U Happy Hour at The Lobby Lounge at Naples Grande
Sometimes you don’t want to mess with all the complicated recipes—just champagne, stat. For those times, there’s nothing better than Naples Grande’s V2+U Happy Hour on Fridays from 5-7 p.m., when you can get a glass of Veuve Yellow Label for just $5. Simple, good, done (and tipsy).

Want to give us a birthday gift? Share your favorite local sparkling libations for us to try in the comments below!

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  1. My favorite spot for a delicious and inventive champagne cocktail is La Bazenne at 474 Fifth Avenue South. Owners Romeo & Amy, and bartender-in-chief Samir have created five different champagne cocktails, none of which have been done in Naples before. You must also try the Iced Moutard Champagne! Further, La Bazenne is the only restaurant in the state of Florida to serve Ice Champagne…….what a treat in hot weather! Do your best to SUPPORT LOCAL particularly in the off season!!!

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