The New Naples: Delicious Raw Juice Bar

I’m forever experimenting with smoothies and juices, whether I make them at home (recent new addition: chia seeds!) or buy them by the bottle (current favorite: Green Plant from Trader Joe’s with a splash of limeade and grapefruit juice). Healthy, tasty and easy!

Not too long ago, I discovered Delicious Raw Juice Bar‘s downtown location on the corner of Fifth Avenue South and Eighth Street South. (A second location recently opened on Pine Ridge in North Naples.) There, they use organic and local fruits and leafy greens to create ultra healthy juices and smoothies right in front of you. Their menu is extensive already, but each juice or smoothie is completely customizable. (So if you love green apple but hate kale, there’s an app for that!) You can also order individual shots—each one crafted to target a specific purpose, like anti-aging or immunity boosting—or add them to your drink. They also serve wellness bowls with Greek yogurt, oatmeal and fresh fruit, as well as pre-packaged cold-pressed juices with slightly longer lasting power than the ones made to order (which you should drink within an hour to keep their super-freshness factor strong.)

The New Naples: Delicious Raw Juice Bar

I’m partial to the Watermelon Hydrator, a blend of watermelon, coconut water, aloe and mint. Other fan favorites are the Pink Pleasure (beet, pineapple, strawberry, ginger, apple and orange) and the Rawsome (fun to say and drink with kale, romaine, apple, parsley, celery, cucumber and lemon).

The New Naples: Delicious Raw Juice BarThe New Naples: Delicious Raw Juice BarThe New Naples: Delicious Raw Juice BarDelicious Raw Juice Bar
821 Fifth Ave. S., Naples | (239) 430-6555
2338 Pine Ridge Road, Naples | (239) 231-3060
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