One of the best things to do at the beginning of a new year is reflect—and that includes the less-deep stuff, like recognizing all your favorite things that made the past year that much better.

Living: 2014 Favorites


I love books. (Fun fact: My first word was actually “book”—not kidding.) Reading them, flipping through them, decorating with them—they’re great for so many purposes. It’s a constant resolution of mine to continue to grow my personal library, and though I’ve recently taken the big leap into reading my novels and such on my iPad, my coffee table book collection is still very much a thing. I have at least one stack in every room of the house—and arranging them by color or subject to match the vibe of the room keeps things fun and interesting.

Another 2015 resolution: Putting things on the walls that I love. When I moved into my first apartment, my concern was more with getting the right furniture—now, a few years down the road, I’ve turned my focus toward artwork. I finally got around to framing some of our wedding photos (nine months later!) and recently ordered a print from one of my favorite photographers, Gray Malin. His colorful shots are so cheery and full of personality, and though it took me a while to narrow down my favorites, I finally did it!

I’m a huge fan of Etsy. Since there are so many sellers, you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for; plus, much of it is handmade, unique or vintage. Some of my favorite home items have come from Etsy sellers, including these gold-trimmed geode coasters that add a touch of glam to our coffee table.

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Smoothies and green juices have become a regular part of my routine. I’m always concocting my own, stopping at Tropical Smoothie in the morning (always ask to skip the sugar—they add it automatically if you don’t!) or popping by Delicious Raw on Fifth Avenue South for a mid-day pick-me-up. Hot lemon water is also a great and easy detox.

I firmly believe skincare is the key to looking good, which is why I am extremely diligent about my skincare routine. My tried and true favorites: Philosophy Purity cleanser and Murad Advanced Active Radiance vitamin C serum. I also love cream blushes (from Smashbox or Stila) for a fresh, natural glow.

Yoga is one of those things that you never regret doing. It can be tough to fit in a trip to a yoga studio sometimes, though, which is where YouTube comes in. One of my favorite yoga YouTubers is Yoga by Candace, and I love that I can choose a practice that best fits what I want to focus on that day. Alternatively, taking your practice outdoors (find my favorite places for outdoor yoga in Southwest Florida here!) to the beach or the Naples Botanical Garden is a welcome way to mix things up.

Living: 2014 Favorites


Unfortunately for my wallet, I have an undying love for Tory Burch footwear. Not only are the shoes great-looking, they. Are. So. Comfortable. I have to stop myself from wearing these wedges every day (they’re so easy to walk in), and these patent sandals can be dressed up or down. Let’s not even get started on my roster of ballet flats…

I used to work from home, which meant any opportunity to dress up in “real clothes” was a welcome one. Now that I’m in an office daily, it’s the opposite—on weekends, I want nothing to do with tailored pants or dresses. Enter lululemon, which strikes the perfect happy medium between presentably put together and insanely comfortable. My favorites for this time of year: the cotton roll-down Wunder Under crops with a long-sleeve tee or the Define jacket.

While statement jewelry is still having its moment, I typically prefer smaller, more delicate pieces for day-to-day wear. My little gold horse bit necklace, a really special gift from my mom for my birthday a few years ago, is a daily must-wear, and I’ve really been loving Bauble Bar for cute, affordable pieces. (These earrings and this pearl ring from Bauble Bar, as well as these cute, go-with-anything studs by Regina Pierallini, are in regular rotation in my jewelry box.)

Do you have any standout favorites from the past year? If so, please share in a comment below!

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  1. I’ve never gone to yoga at the Botanical Gardens, but I loooove the Bala Vinyasa! Have you ever been to any of their studio classes?

    • I haven’t yet, but I got a pass for a complimentary studio class when I took their class at the Garden, so I’ll be trying it soon!

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