People: Cullen Daane

Cullen Daane has a career many would envy: As the designer and owner of Pierre & Harry, the jewelry company she co-founded with her mother, Martha Talton, in 2009, she says her daily routine feels more like play than work. After graduating from business school in Monaco, the Naples native returned to her hometown to help launch the brand, which focuses on pearls and dabbles in gemstones, as well. Here, she shares advice for other young entrepreneurs, her summer beauty essentials and some favorite hangouts around town.

How did Pierre & Harry begin?

It was organic. My mom has a great eye for design. She’s a flight attendant, and she went to Asia and designed a couple necklaces for the two of us and brought them back. We wore them to lunch at the yacht club, and we had three ladies ask if we would get them some next time, so she did. After the third time, we decided to open an LLC. It started in my parents’ guest room, and it just took on a life of its own.

People: Cullen Daane

Do you have any formal education in jewelry design?

At the beginning, it was kind of like playing catch up. I didn’t know anything about jewelry, so I took classes to learn how to make it. I’m GIA certified in pearl grading and colored stones, as well as in jewelry and diamond essentials.

How do you define your style?

I’m really active, so my style is mostly laid back and relaxed, but I always throw jewelry on. I’m inspired a lot by the weather in Southwest Florida and the ocean. I’m a big tomboy—I didn’t even have my ears pierced when I started the business. I made my mom go to the mall with me. I was 23 and holding my mom’s hand at the Piercing Pagoda.

People: Cullen Daane

What’s your ideal night: going to a favorite local spot or entertaining at home?

We love entertaining at home. My husband and I do a lot of beer and wine tastings at our house with friends. We just love good music, good food and good friends.

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs?

My dad always told me growing up—because I had no idea what I wanted to do—to find something you love, and find a way to make a living doing it. I think that if you don’t love what you do, you’re never going to be happy. So if you’re passionate about it, go for it. Take risks, and go for happiness.

People: Cullen Daane

What are your summer beauty essentials?

Sunblock, always. I use a lot of Moroccan oil. My mom recently got back from Morocco, and she brought back a jug of it from the factory there. I use it on my face, I use it on my hair, I use it as lotion. I typically do very light makeup—just a little bronzer and some mascara. I love Smashbox, and if I wear lipstick, the only one I wear is Stila’s Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Carina. It’s an amazing matte coral color.

People: Cullen Daane

Where would you go on a once-in-a-lifetime getaway?

My mom and I are planning a mother daughter trip to India; it’s been something that’s been on my bucket list for a long time. We work with mostly pearls, but we mix gemstones in, and a lot of them are cut there and sold there. I’m really excited to see all the beautiful fabrics and textiles.

People: Cullen Daane

Where can we find you on weekends in Naples?

We love Avenue Wine Bar. If we go out for drinks, we go there almost every time. For casual, we love Tacos & Tequila. It’s a fun atmosphere. Dolce & Salato is a favorite, too.

People: Cullen Daane

Pierre & Harry
374 13th Ave. S.
Naples, FL 34102

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