Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy first birthday to us! It’s been one year since our first post hit The New Naples, and it’s been nothing but wonderful to grow this little idea into what it is today. When we started TNN, our goal was to create a resource for Southwest Florida’s young people to turn to when they wanted to know what was going on locally that they would actually want to get involved with—that didn’t require mega bucks to attend, that wasn’t filled with people 35 years their senior, that they could bring their friends to or go to meet new ones. It was to be a place where readers could be inspired by their peers, find out about new products and places, and share the appreciation for this little beachside destination we all love.

Contrary to popular belief, Naples isn’t just a retirement town—there are plenty of young, vibrant 20-, 30- and 40-somethings who live here and bring their own fresh ideas and contributions to the community. They’re philanthropic. They’re fun. They’re active. They’re you—and we thank you for reading, sharing and contributing to TNN throughout the year. Cheers to many more!

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