As summer winds down, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to relish all the summer-esque activities I can—especially picnics! (Luckily, we can still enjoy those well into the “fall” here in Southwest Florida.) Here are some of my favorite picnic-packing picks to create the ultimate outdoor party.

All-natural plates and utensils: Regular paper plates and plasticware just won’t do. Instead, opt for these heart-shaped palm leaf plates and birchwood utensils from Marx Foods. They’re biodegradable, compostable and made from natural, renewable resources. Even better, no trees have to be cut down to make them—they’re made from leaves that are naturally shed and then collected from the forest floor.

Turkish blanket: I love Turkish blankets for everywhere from the home to the beach to the park. They’re also eco-friendly and 100% cotton, and they come in so many fun, vibrant colors that you’ll want one in every shade. (This one is from Society Social.)

Metal ice bucket: This powder-coated metal ice bucket from West Elm helps keep bottles of lemonade (or wine) cool, and the sturdy rope handles make it easy to tote.

Picnic basket: Of course, you can’t skimp on the centerpiece of the whole party! This hand-woven honey willow basket for two from MODaffekt opens on both sides and features a zippered thermal foil insulated lining.

…What would a picnic be without the ultimate summer wine? (The ladies of Yes Way Rosé will back me up.)

Chinese food containers: These little boxes make a fun and easy presentation. Pack them up at home with whatever you’re serving, and they’re ready to go when you get to the park—no bulky serving spoons needed. Plus, you can unfold them to make a plate, and refold them to tote home any leftovers. (Bet you didn’t know that!)

Silicone wine glasses: Packing fragile glasses is a pain, and using plastic disposable ones is wasteful. Instead, opt for silicone wine “glasses” from Spruce, which are flexible, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. You can use them for juice or water for the kids, too. (And as an added bonus, they’re fun to squeeze.)

Paddle setMake an afternoon of it and bring along some entertainment. What’s a picnic without a few games?!

Fresh flowers: Let’s be honest—they make your ultimate picnic photo op that much more Instagram-worthy.

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